20th China Shuitou International Stone Fair

Date: November 8 –11, 2019

Venue: Shuitou International Exhibition Center, Quanzhou, China

Shuitou Stone Fair 2018 Details:

Area: 100000 Sq. Meters

Attendance: 160000

Countries with Pavilions: 11

Number of Halls: 4

Organizer: China Shuitou International Stone Fair

Why China:

Today we see china as the second strongest economy in the world. Even though it has experienced massive growth over the past 35 years, experts are using the term “new normal” with regards to its economic growth. Since 2010, China’s economic growth has been slow. It is predicted that Chinese economy will experience a 6.3% growth by the end of 2019.

China’s economic growth has slowed down since 2017 and reached its lowest rate in 10 years in the third quarter of 2018. It will slow down more and reach 6.3% in 2019. Reacting to the latest economic shocks, including tariffs by the United States, policy makers have designed monetary programs to help market growth and stabilization.

However these programs are expected to have a moderate effect. Also, credit growth is going to be limited in the mid-term due to a massive increase in debt and the government’s commitment to debt reduction. On the other hand, as the tensions with the US grow, the commercial moves of the government are expected to get more aggressive.

China is the leading producer and consumer of stone in the world. Even though it is the largest importer of semi-processed stone, is also its 4th largest exporter. India, which is the second largest producer and exporter of stone, exports 60% of its products.

It is obvious to stone block exporters around the world that China is no longer the buyer of the large amounts of stone it used to be and this is not due to the increase in China’s domestic production. The sales of many blocks of granite, limestone, etc. is to Chinese buyers is going to decrease by up to 50 to 80 percent. Exporters of certain exotic materials from Brazil (such as special granite and quartz) or marble have seen more sales in recent years, but their volume is small right now. It is hard to predict any big change in Chinese trends in 2019. In the height of its growth period, china was the source of 50% of world demand for natural stones. Even with slower economic growth (but higher per capita income) China is still the most important market for many types of stone and many mining companies. New construction might be scarcer, but more renovation jobs will be available, and it will still be a big market for decorative stones.


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