26th Marble Izmir Fair, Turkey

Date: April 1 –4, 2020


Organizer: İZFAŞ – Izmir Fair Services Cultural and Art Affairs Trade Inc

Marble Izmir Fair 2019 Details:

Area: 150000 Sq. Meters

Participants: 1160

Domestic Participants: 914

Foreign Participants: 246

Attendance: 64314

Domestic Attendance: 53524

International Attendance: 9790

Leading visiting countries: China, India, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Italy

Countries with Pavilions: Iran, China, India, Italy, Brazil

Other countries: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Georgia, Hong Kong

Number of Halls: 5

Why Turkey:

Turkey was ranked 7th in the world in 2005 and created jobs for 11.2% of Turkish people in 2006. The private sector of Turkish economy plays an important role in banking, transportation, and communication. Turkish economy has had a good growth in recent years and reported 8.9% and 7.4% growths in 2004 and 2005 respectively.

Turkey is located in one of the oldest stone geographies of the world. 4000 years of production of natural marble in Marmara Island shows the old tradition of Turkish stone industry.

Turkey has more than 80 types and 400 different colors and patterns and has one of the biggest stone reserves in the world with great quality.

Turkey is ranked 7th and 12th in production and exports of stone in the world respectively.

Turkey has gone into Marble and Travertine markets.

Currently, turkey is one of the few countries with the ability to produce more than 5 million cubic meters of fibrous stone and plays an important role in the international market. Especially in the field of marble and travertine stone this means that there is now a serious competitor for established producing countries, especially Italy and China.


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